LED Controller

After lurking around on the BYOAC forums, I've seen several people using translucent buttons and lighting them up using LEDs. I've decided to make a control panel for my computer, and I figured I may as well go all the way and light those buttons up. My concept is for a brushed metal CPO with glowing green buttons. I decided to prep the LEDs first. Yeah, I could just solder the resistors right in line, but what fun would that be?



1 PC Board (Radio Shack 2760149)              1.79
2 Packages PCB Terminals (RS 2761388)      4.58
8 91 ohm resistors                                            .40
8 Green LEDs 3.2V 20ma 5000mcd               1.52
30 Watt soldering iron and solder
1/8" drill bit and drill
20 gauge Red and Black wire


Total cost:  $8.29


First, I placed the PCB terminals on the PCB board as such (other parts shown):


I soldered the terminals on:

Next, I took a piece of wire and stripped the ends. I inserted it into the board (to lead the ground to the output side):

I then soldered the wire to the board, then to the ground input, and two ground outputs:

Next, I inserted the first resistor (I determined the resistor value using an online calculator), and soldered it first to the PCB, then to the 5V input, and the first 3.2V output:

Next, I soldered the second resistor to the first resistor's input side, and the second output:

I snipped the extra wire from the ends, and continued this to all 8 outputs:

This could easily have 8 more terminals/resistors just by moving the resistors over 1 or two holes toward the terminals, and doing the opposite on the other side. 8 is sufficient for my purposes.

Below I am using an arcade power supply to power the board. I will likely tap the 5V power for my controller from the USB connection. When I do this, there will be more examples of that part of the project, but keep in mind that a USB port generally won't output more than 500mA. I then tested the board:

I will run wires from the board to the LEDs in the final product. This is how the LEDs will mount in the buttons. First remove the spring assembly, then use the 1/8" drill (for 3MM LEDs) to drill a hole in the bottom of the button:

As such:

Then I will superglue the LEDs into the hole to light the buttons up:


More once I get to building the control panel...