Dig Dug Restore

On April 29th 2023 I acquired this cabinet that had been (poorly) converted to a Sky Soldiers:

Upon investigating the condition at home, I found the monitor in partial vertical collapse. I also found the original power brick and some of the original wiring in place for the power (minus a few splices). The remaining wiring was cut and spliced into as needed to rewire the cabinet for JAMMA:

In aimg/ddition, the sides had been painted over with gray latex paint:

Some 90% alcohol, some magic erasers and a bunch of elbow grease and I have removed the paint from the sides. I also replaced the marquee and bezel with the correct artwork. Getting closer:

I worked on the monitor a bunch but still haven't resolved the vertical collapse. I did acquire another G07 chassis and got a working monitor for this cabinet using the original tube.I acquired and rebuit the sound and voltage regulator and rebuilt the main transformer unit. Testing shows all the power at the correct levels.

Started making the wiring harnesses needed to complete the inside. Discovered I don't have the service panel, so I have a temp donor I placed the correct rheostat on for the volume control until I find the correct panel. Coming up will be bondo in the bottom corners on one side and working to fill the swiss cheese holes in the control panel.

I mounted the Dig Dug PCB and started cleaning up the harness routing: